March 7, 2020: KeyPad does not work with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV) with MacOS Catalina (10.15.3), Mojave(10.14.6) and High Sierra (10.13.6), this is because of a bug in MacOS. For more details on the issue please read my blog post at:

Update March 25: Apple has released MacOS 10.15.4 which has a fix for this issue. YAY!!! Unfortunately the related security updates for Mojave and High Sierra do not include this fix. This means that if you want to connect to an iOS device, you have to be on 10.15.4.

It continues to work with Android phones, TVs, and even Windows and MacOS desktops.

Mar 1, 2020: Thank you for the kind words and support I have received in email and feedback. Thank you to those of you that have also reported this issue to apple. Really appreciate it. I am hopeful that the issue gets fixed in 10.15.4, frankly, I am depending on it.

What Works: If you have already connected to an iPhone or iPad before your os upgraded to 10.15.3, or you updated to the Security release 2020-001 or 2020-002, the app will continue to work. If you are using a NON iOS device (example android phone, another MAC) all features work.

What does not work: If you are making a new connection, connecting your iOS device to Keypad. It will not work. You will not see any indicator that it is not working either.

If you are having issues, please do send me feedback if your device is not working, so that I am able to focus my energy on solving issues that people are facing.

If you face any issues, please send email to I will update this with issues that people report.

Some frequently asked questions are below.

Can I connect multiple devices

Not yet. At present this app supports only one connection, if you think this is important for you, please send me an email.

I can’t use enter key to send message in Whatsapp!

This can happen on Android Phones and is a feature of whatsapp. To enable enter key to send a message:

  1. Go to Whatsapp settings
  2. Select Chats
  3. There is a setting for “Enter to send” turn it on

Not able to launch the keyboard

When you connected to the Mac, once it successfully connected did the keyboard popups show?

If it did not, it usually means that the bluetooth connection did not complete. You should also forget the Mac from your bluetooth settings on your phone and try again. Close and restart the application and try again to connect. You may need to restart your Mac computer.

It is possible that this is related to a problem in the application, would you be open to help me debug and fix this for you?

Complaints, Features, Issues…

Do send us feedback on the application. Let us know what you would like to see in it. If something works well for you, do tell us that too.

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